Company team traveling


Our team is a passionate and energetic team. On May 28th, the company organized a 2-day and one-night team building activity. In this activity, we climbed mountains, barbecued, tug-of-war on the beach, sailed by boat, and paddled. boat. Activities are very rich.

Day1: Shenzhen-Shuangyuewan Observation Deck-Hotel-Shuiyuntian Ancient Village-Barbecue Bonfire

Huidong Xunliao Bay Tour [Shuangyuewan Observation Deck]
Shuangyue Bay consists of two half-moon-shaped bays adjacent to Daya Bay and Honghai Bay. The two sand ridges go straight to the Daxing Mountain, like a dragon going out to sea, like a pair of dragons playing with beads, there is stillness and movement, and it is very magnificent. Banyue Bay on the banks of Daya Bay, the wind and waves are gentle, and Ana is colorful. Half Moon Bay by the Red Bay, the waves are rough and the momentum is thin.

[Shuiyuntian Ancient Village] Passing through Shuiyuntian Gufu, there is a 1500-meter-long wooden plank road on the sea, which extends into the blue sea and is surrounded by endless sea water.

Beach Farm [Barbecue] [Bonfire Party + Outdoor KTV]

Day2: CS-Sea Sightseeing-Kayaking
[Crystal Bomb Field Battle] Simulation game that imitates military experience, expansion of military entertainment and outdoor gunfight.

【Going to the sea】Under the guidance of fishermen, board the boat and go out to sea to enjoy the customs of Baidao and watch the scenery on the sea.

[Kayaking] Arrive at the pier to experience kayaking