Yesterday, today and tomorrow of POS machines


POS machine, you must be familiar with this name. People can say that they love and hate it. Do you remember the first time you used a POS machine with a bank card or a credit card?

In 1879, the world's first radio was invented by the brothers James Liddy and John Liddy of the United States. At that time, the machine was invented to prevent misconduct by cashiers. Since then, the history of the cash register has begun.

After a long period of development, in the 1960s, Japan successfully developed the world's first electronic cash register. This machine was intelligent and networked. At that time, manual accounting was still used in China. Accounting.

When the time came in 1981, the Ministry of Commerce organized the Beijing Municipal Department of Commerce to introduce the 528 cash register from Omron Co., Ltd., and started pilot operations in various shopping malls in Beijing. It was found that the machine was much more efficient than cash collection, and it was subsequently promoted across the country. , China has thus entered the era of POS machines.

In 2002, the well-known China UnionPay was officially established, and the bank card business began to develop towards intensive and large-scale development. From then on, we bid farewell to the situation of one machine, one bank, and N machine, one store.

Before 2010, people's main means of shopping and consumption were cash, credit cards, and savings cards. In 2010, Alipay's QR code payment service was born. Since then, the country has entered a cashless era, showing that mobile phones are in hand. I have the world. situation.

Since 2014, with the development of mobile payment at the speed of light, POS machines have also ushered in major changes. The development of smart POS machines that integrate code scanning, card swiping, membership system and integrated Internet and cloud technology can be said to have completely replaced it. Traditional POS machine that can only swipe card

Not long ago, the Central Bank issued the "Notice of the People's Bank of China on Strengthening the Management of Payment Acceptance Terminals and Related Businesses" for public comments.

In the history of the development of POS machines, especially after the reform and opening up, the chaos of POS machines emerged in an endless stream, involving various black and gray industries. As the saying goes, "there are policies at the top, and countermeasures at the bottom." The state has never controlled the payment industry. I stopped, but various illegal activities such as "credit card cash out", "money laundering", and "card raising" still occurred.

Originally, the payment terminal business is to benefit the people in the future, but many criminals have taken it as a way to violate the law. This regulatory notice can be said to be a revolutionary upgrade to the POS industry, and it is to cut off "gambling." , "Telecommunications fraud", "money laundering" and other illegal channels.